Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


That is almost paraphrasing Coase’s Theorem. He got his Nobel prize for his work on pricing externalities and laid the foundations for much of what we now call Environmental Economics.


Damn. I just thought of that. So you’re saying HE’s got OUR Nobel prize ! This keeps happening. Mrs VB and I each have the same number of premium bonds but the last three £25 cheques have all come to her !



I wish.

We only have Tesco and Coop, I got that image from a story on the 'net.


I think the main reason its prepacked is for the convenience of the supermarket rather than the customer. They get you to buy more than if you bought loose ones, there’s less wastage (they don’t get squashed or roll away or go off as fast etc etc).


I’m sure you’re right about the vendor ‘push’ side. But there has to be customer ‘pull’ too. If people really didn’t want them in bags then they could choose not to buy them (I do).

Then there’s the pricing. I just checked*. Sainsbury’s Pink Lady apples are £3/kg loose, £2.78/kg in a cardboard tray with a bit of clingfilm for 4, £2.41/kg in one of Paul’s poly bags for 6. Without knowing their overhead costs, including wastage, I don’t know whether the ‘bulk buy discount’ they’re offering customers is reasonable or not. I usually buy apples half a dozen at a time. So I’m losing out by making the no-packaging choice. Maybe I should buy in a bag and then quietly take it back with me next week and stuff it into their display rack ?


*The things I do for you. Sainsbury’s don’t tell you the weight of their packaged apples - only the number. So I went to the kitchen and weighed a Sainsbury’s Pink Lady. 180g. Of course maybe the packaged ones are smaller …

EDIT: Oops - cock-up on the ID front - Mrs VB has just pointed out that the Pink Lady I weighed was not a Sainsbury’s one but one from the local market instead. It might be a few weeks since we bought any from the shop. So forget all the above numbers. If I remember I’ll weigh them next time I’m in the shop.


The packaged ones are smaller in my experience.

You often don’t have the choice of whether to buy packaged or not as the ones you want (e.g Coxes) are only available packaged, the loose ones are maybe granny smith or golden delicious for example which i don’t want.

I just try and go to the market where 90% of the stuff is loose, you can buy exactly how many you want and its actually cheaper. You do have to buy with your eyes though.

Our obsession in this country with supermarkets and ready meals is an embarrassment.


Very probably - see edit above. Sorry.

Mrs VB goes to the market every Saturday morning. She tends to buy everything she can there - except their bananas since we like the taste less. A couple of weeks ago she paid for a 22kg bag of onions then came home and sent me round to heave it home (not far, to be fair). It was cheaper than Sainsbury’s loose, although not by as much as I’d expected. The guy on the stall warned me that the French nets were very fragile and I should be careful how I carried it if I didn’t want suddenly to be chasing onions down the street.



Of course if you want organic the market in Cardiff is no good. But organic stuff from the supermarket is tasteless. Its a minefield!


22kg of onions! Are you running an Indian takeaway?


Mrs VB cooks a lot, but still I’m worried whether these will be past their best before we reach the bottom of the net :-).



They like the dark.


Cock/fanny punch to the cunts taking the selfies but a good way to shame them. Although they probably don’t give a fuck so another dozen cock/funny punches to them.


I suppose this could also have been in the how to park like a cunt thread…


Absolutely fucking disgusting. The lack of official response is worrying too.


Also disgusting and selfish.


Thought I’d read the article to get some obvious context behind the headline.

Nope, just utter bastards.


Fuck me! It’s the '70s again :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:




Looks like the sort of campaign the Home Office would run. Theresa would give that the nod.


Sadly May has more pressing concerns with kids trying to save the planet.