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More than 300 Birmingham bin workers have started the first of a series of strikes in a dispute with the council.

It stems from claims some staff have been “blacklisted” for taking part in industrial action in 2017, when piles of rubbish were left on the streets.

The Unite members have been working to rule since 29 December over a payment given to GMB members who did not take part in previous strike action.

A “reasonable” offer had been made to unions, Birmingham City Council said.

Collections in the city have moved to fortnightly, which the council said was to ensure “reliability of service” until the dispute is resolved.


The headline should have been,

“Man dead. Neighbours pissed off with ambulances continuously blocking their drive decide to block drive to ambulances for 3 hours. Private care home owner refuses to take responsibility for state of access to his care home, putting residents lives at risk”


What ‘state of access’? There’s a road. It provides access to a care home. Some selfish cunts chose to block it because they don’t like it being used for access to said care home. A man died because of their selfishness.

Hope they get their comeuppance.


Sorry Bob sounds like sophistry to me. Man dead due to moronic behaviour. Fancy blocking an ambulance for three hours???


Bloke was already dead.


I dug around a bit and, as always, it’s more nuanced than this. The man did not die due to the blocking of the ambulances. They got to the care home without trouble. They either couldn’t save him or he was dead already. The blocking in incident began while they were inside the care home. Perhaps if they’d come rushing out with him shouting ‘Emergency, emergency’ the neighbours would have moved immediately ?

The problem is that the care home is down a very narrow private road (not a public highway) and whenever the ambulances come they block it so the other residents can’t get in and out. I don’t know whether they could leave a gap, but it seems they don’t. This has pissed the residents off and a one-off incident wouldn’t do that. There must be an ongoing problem.

Google maps’ aerial view shows a grassy area in front of the care home. Presumably the owner could hard-surface it to allow vehicles off the road if necessary ? It seems from the picture here that there are also off-road spaces the ambulances could use.

The bottom line is that it’s an offence to hinder or obstruct emergency workers attending an emergency The police were there. They didn’t charge anyone, so I’m guessing they judged that no-one was doing any hindering in an emergency, or at least that a court wouldn’t think they were.

In a real emergency that takes absolute priority. Otherwise there has to be some give and take. Just saying “I’ve got a vehicle with a blue light so I’ll leave it wherever I like, whenever I like for as long as I like and if that blocks you in then tough, I don’t care” is the sort of attitude that got those pictures of police cars parked in disabled spaces at doughnut shops into the “How to park like a cunt” thread.



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Yes and no. End of year accounts.



Accounts? You mean tax?


Tax sometimes happens, but Companies House care about your accounts whether or not there’s any tax.



I was thinking timing, you know end of January.


I did my end of January personal tax return before the end of January. They charge you if you don’t.

I’m doing my end of February Companies House stuff now (each company has its own deadline, determined by when the company was set up, but it’s always a month-end and mine’s this month).



Not a pleasant task


Seems Sajid Javid agrees

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Condensing flue fitted to non condensing boiler.