Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch




To my friend who popped around and said with a straight face that a foo mains cable made a significant difference.

I do have some foo mains cables but only use one on the Teac CD transport, because I can.


Branston, reasons


That and the fact he appears to have routed it through a ceramic hob, thus spoiling the hob experience for the owner. Wharra cunt.


Do you think he’s in a bit of a pickle…


I had someone come round here with a foo Russ Andrews mains cable and connect it to the external power supply for the motor on my turntable. The motor is DC. Give it it’s due the turntable didn’t slow down or speed up but he was convinced he could hear a difference in the sound.
When I asked how that could possibly make any difference to the sound he told me that he couldn’t believe I couldn’t hear any difference and my prejudices must be getting in the way. :grinning:


Once he left I presume you had the locks changed and then lost the key for security/Nutter reasons.


Personally, I’d have unplugged the cable and thrashed him soundly with it.


I replaced a standard Heybrook TT2 mains cable with a Russ Andrews Yello power cable once and was convinced it sounded better, until I changed it back again.

This was a long time ago, I feel better now :crazy_face:


My long awaited JBL bass units arrived from the good old USA where they know how to do everything better than the rest of the world, including packing two drive units, NOT.

What a cunt.


Hardly surprising there’s a dent if they packed the fruit in there as well :wink:


Oh dear, idiots…


That’s bloody annoying Bob. Presumably it was some amateur, not any commercial supplier.



At least you’ve got them. I sent a drive unit away for repair last May, paid for it in July and I’m still bloody waiting for it to come back. And that’s from somewhere in the UK!

My emails have gone from ‘nice’ to ‘snotty’ and will shortly be heading to ‘threatening’


Nope a commercial supplier.


Don’t understand why they didn’t bolt them together


Just do small claims, gets people moving.


Neither do I. Any sensible person sending 15" drive units would bolt them together, stops damage.


some spreadsheet jockey will have calculated the 15p saving by not using nuts and bolts for each shipment…


Thats extremely upsetting and pretty stupid, hope you get your money back