Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


So far radio silence from the dealer after pictures and a message sent.

I will give him 48 hours then raise a claim.


A response about midnight last night. Seems that eBay and their shipping repacked the speakers for some reason.

Where the speakers still ziptied when they arrived? Do they still play correctly? I will gladly discount for a dustcap repair.

I will contact ebay and see what they can do. I am not sure how global shipping is handled.

They were not ziptied and the package has re-packed by DHL on it. Interesting.


My bet is that they were opened for a customs inspection, and separated to see if anything naughty was stashed between them.


Surely, as @ICHM knows, these days that stuff is all formed into solid £6k pucks and shipped with a coating of gaffer tape, labelled ‘Audio Acoustic Nano Kings’. Nothing works quite as well as ‘hiding in plain sight’.



FFS! Cull the people not the heffalumps…


Donna’s Citroen C1 can have one!

Goes in for tyres, now needs rear wheel bearing and the clutch is slipping…



I’ll swap that for a leaky cvt auto :frowning:


Buggeration… :roll_eyes:


Is it a frenchie? If so blame Brexit !




3 breasts and one bollock, McMurders Freako chicken :chicken:


Made in Derby, that’ll teach me to support Forrest :slight_smile:


In the interim a firm toe to the groin of this sack of mince known as David Mesher.


DFS. Cunts.


Forrest Gump?


Not sure if this should be here or in the Brexit thread, but Brexit can have one right in the happy sac…

As you know Mrs DA took a very bad fall from the horse last week. She’s in a lot of pain and has been prescribed Co-Codamol (30/500). These have been causing her a few problems (nausea, generally feeling shit and not able to function properly). Following a trip to the fracture clinic yesterday the consultant said to ask our GP for something else. I asked my daughter, a nurse, what’s best and she said Naproxin. Called the GP yesterday to be told that there is no Naproxin available at the moment as the big pharmacies are stockpiling the stuff because of fecking Brexit and not releasing it.
I know this is something that has been mentioned before, but fuck you Brexit and fuck you pharmacies for stockpiling a painkiller that people need.


“You can’t have it now, because you might need it later as well and we’re saving it for then.”

That makes more sense than Brexit, to be fair.


Could you buy some on the black market and have it posted to you? Just a random idea. I suppose it would be a clone, quality might be an issue.


Daughter nurse has said not to worry - just get the prescription, send it to her, she’ll get it cashed at the hospital and then post to us. I’m just pissed off that a simple painkiller is now unavailable because some cunts want blue fucking passports


It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. :wink: