Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


I fear that may be the way of things over the next few years :confused:


always has been and always will be…


Fixt to explain omnifuckclustershambles that is Brexit :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I think it may be a trust or regional issue. I have an ongoing prescription for Naproxin and renewed it last week without issue.


I’m having the same trouble with my prescription, the ongoing comment is the same, big pharmacies stock piling. What a complete and utter fuck-up we’ve gotten ourselves into. ****


That is awful.

I have an oncology appointment tomorrow to pick up my some of my supplies. I’m on a 6 week cycle all of a sudden and my buffer stock is 3 months (previously I was on a 3 month supply cycle with a 1 month buffer).

I hope this gets sorted as soon as possible otherwise a lot of people could suffer unnecessarily.


gosh , this medicines supplies is begginning to bite us on the bum . naproxen should be easily available , less constipation than co codamol which is lethal at bunging you up


There’s been a long-running problem with Naproxen which is not to say that Brexit worries won’t be making things worse here. In the past it’s been possible to get the drugs if the NHS has been prepared to pay enough But I imagine that decisions like that aren’t taken quickly.



I’ve had no problem with my Naproxen supply.


Brexit is a cast iron excuse for these big firms to screw us over. They can squeeze the supply until they get the NHS to pay what they want. Smaller suppliers won’t be in a position to provide the volumes, so the big suppliers will be squeezing the manufacturers. NOTHING has actually happened yet, so these pills should be as easy to get today as they have been for the last 5 years, except these firms have decided to stockpile it just in case - with the added benefit (no doubt) of prices increasing due to restricted supply.


One knackered C1 clutch…


VTA looks out as well


Mercedes can have one. Specifically my Mercedes. Two bloody days after listing it for sale, the bloody Sensotronic Brake Pump decides to reach the end of its pre-programmed life.

£1300 in total to replace on a car I’m asking £3000 for. I am somewhat grumpy.




German manufacturers and their ‘parts supply’, cnuts


Volvo dealers who seem to think that £150 an hour is OK for a service, not getting my business.


This moron at Vodafone, he should be sacked.


Or perhaps dropped off naked (but for his hat) in the middle of Glasgow on a Saturday night.


Oh my god!


This is similar to the original plot of Star Wars, which sadly never made it to the silver screen.

The Rebel Alliance would finally bring down the Death Star by leaving it unattended for 20 minutes in Easterhouse.