Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Christ. And my shares in them are absolutely tanking.


In the early 2000s a lot of Vodafone folk, Mrs VB included, had sharesave investments in the company. Ever since Chris Gent retired their top management have been prone to putting their foot in it, almost always with an immediate and negative effect on the share price. As the end of each sharesave period approached Mrs VB used to start praying that Gent’s successor, Arun Sarin (yes, named after a poison) would go on holiday somewhere remote and uncontactable, just in case he said/did something daft. Whenever he opened his mouth you could hear the groans in Newbury from here.



Knock Vodafone if you like, but they’ve just sent me a text that entitles me to a free sausage roll or cheese and onion pasty from Greggs.

Now, where is that Lerwick to Aberdeen ferry timetable, I’m not letting an opportunity like that go begging.


I worked for them for 5 years.


Ah, right. Come to think, I might have known that. Was it pre- or post-Sarin ?



During and post.


I used to work for Cable and Wireless, managed a year after Vodafone took over. C&W was notoriously badly managed but Vodafone managed to bring unprecedented levels of fuckwittery to the table.



Just shows how much it takes to stop a decent sized ship, you can see from the water being churned that he had full reverse thrust going. But yeah, pissed in charge isn’t clever.

Like how all the cars on the bridge just keep going. A couple slow down, and then say, “fuck it” and keep going.


Nice place Busan. Relaxed friendly Koreans and great sea food. Always full of Russian sailors.


i did some work for the British Council there about a decade ago


haha my boss is there at the moment for a maritime conference.


I worked for a Business Recovery company in Newbury. Vodafone had a training centre over the car park. We were doing a security check for a customer and found an open network. Got us into the whole of Vodafone’s inner networks. We knew the IT guys there and let them know. They turned up rather quickly.

How we laughed :hugs:


Cockpunch to all traders in Ivory. At least these three absolute fuckers will have 15 years in a Tanzanian prison to think about it.

I hope they rot in their cells.


I have had the misfortune of being in the vicinity of Rushden Lakes today. People walking on the crossings was enough to mean a 25 minute queue to get in…


That’s a grand idea Gareth - I’d stick him in the middle of the taxi queue at Central Station on Saturday night around 3:30am. :+1:


Twitter, for introducing “Top” Tweets ordering then ignoring settings that say you want latest tweets.

Eerily reminiscent of Facebook’s timeline manipulation. Not surprising, of course.


Both sites are absolute fucking dumpsterfires in so, so many ways. And yet I’d struggle to give up either of them.


Repeated punch in the bollocks for these twats


Our tory leaders can have one for taking their eye off the ball on knife crime , 2 wonderful young men at college studying hard the latest here and many more in UK

seems they have just realised that reducing police force so much just might have contributed !!!