Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Have they? I thought Maybot had just stated (yet again) that the two things were unrelated…


Except the Maybot says that there’s absolutely no connection between the Police losing over 20,000 officers and the Police not being able to police, oh no, none at all and it’s definitely not her fault for the reducing numbers of officers since she was Home Secretary…



Too busy chasing motorists or Facebook bullying.


the police commissioner wrote me last week re motoring offences , they are powerless against folks who have no mot he said in as many words . i regularly find dumped cars with no mot and the police can do nothing

knife crime is horrendous and yes we need more police , i just cant understand why Mrs May wont acknowlege police numbers affect crime . we never see a police man or woman , i have seen several PCSO`s recently but you never see them patrolling on foot anymore


More police won’t cure it, getting the useless fuckers out of the office and cars onto the beat will.


I hope you’re just trolling Bob.

There’s not enough to go on the beat. They’re so thinly spread it’s just impossible other than for city centres. And their admin level is so high these days, and…

Oh FFS I can’t be arsed, ask Steve @SAP7


Because that would acknowledge her culpability in reducing those numbers as Home Secretary.
Do try to keep up.


Straight from the nags gob…


Stuff that gets in the way of stuff you actually want to do can have one :frowning:


astonishing why when I appear to have every battery known to mankind, do I not appear to have a single CR2032 when I need one…


I’ve got some here if you want?


Me too, a pack of 3.


hmmm most kind, I’ll take whichever can deliver in the hour…


Delivery’s the problem. Hazardous item.



Amazon dont mind, just ordered they’ll be on the doormat when I get back from work tomorrow


I always have Cr2032 spare. I am a 21st century dad.


Am I the only one who has a battery drawer containing every type of battery known to man?


Some of them must be leaking and corroded to buggery by now.


I am not usually moved to thoughts of violence against someone but this guy and his accomplices deserve to be put through prolonged pain and then locked up for a very long time. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: