Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


I just read that. Totally agree with you. Actually quite hard to believe.


Shitty ebay sellers, sigh. I ordered a clock that said in the title and description that it was silent, non-ticking. Arrived yesterday, and it ticks quite loudly. Since this is to replace an existing noisily ticking clock that is right next to my daughter’s bed that kept her awake, it’s completely useless.

So far the seller has offered a 25% refund followed by a 50% one. Neither is acceptable, the item is completely useless. I know that they want to avoid losing money, that’s fair enough, but some vague attempt at correct description would be a good start.


In this case just raise a case not as described. You will get your money back and just return it.

For such a specific thing, just go to a clock shop and use your ears. Or get an electronic clock/alarm that doesn’t tick. I can’t stand ticking and use a LED alarm clock.


and these can be so bright, they keep me awake


Put a thick cloth over it then.


actually the only useful thing (in fact the only thing) I got from Russ, was these:


I know. It’ll cost me £3 to return it, so that’s £3 down the drain for no benefit to myself, entirely down to his misdescription. His uselessness has cost me time and money.


Surely as it’s been miss-sold, he should be covering the cost of the return?


You’re right, checking ebay policy, actually. Seller pays postage where not as described.


He might just decide to refund and let you keep it.


utterly tragic case with 1 child permanently scared and 6 men in prison with ruined lives due to such stupidity . it beggars belief really


I wonder why the father cannot be named for legal reasons? Is there more to come from this case?


I wonder if it’s less about naming the father, and more of a child protection issue.


yes , i think thats the reason they gave


Just open a case. Tell him you want a refund and postage covered. If he doesn’t stump up, it sits on the shelf.

eBay/PayPal will refund you the full amount. Up to him how much out of pocket he wants to be - all of it or just for the postage.


Tell him this and that the clock is ticking.


Generally, you have to return it to get the full refund, but if the seller say’s he doesn’t want it back then you can keep it.


I bought a Granite chopping board that I intended to use as a buffer for my record deck ,anyway the size quoted in the ad wasn’t the size sent ,I complained to both EBay and the seller…I sent the package back and the firm refused to accept it,it was returned to me ,I got a full refund and a free chopping board…


I ordered a male Valab conncetor from Taiwan. The bloke sent me a female. I claimed for item not as described and got a full refund. I ordered two more male connectors from him, as I now needed two. He sent me two more female ones. I got a full refund again. I now need 3 male connectors. I have ordered some from elsewhere. I actually felt bad for the guy, but it was solely his fault.