Yet another thread for the purposes of awarding a cockpunch


Definitive proof that Gove is a plum.


This fucking cretin should be turned into glue


There is no “however”.


Abso-fucking-lutely. Sadly, the preponderance of knuckle-dragging, inbred, racist red-neck, mouth breathing fucknuggets are based in Queensland, particularly around the town of Ipswich. The standard level of political debate is a burst whataboutery and/or howeverism leading to racism, bigotry and often outright incitement to hatred. Central Queensland is particularly unpleasant with the line ‘its the children I worry about’ usual being used to introduce opinions that were known to be ridiculous in the 1950s in most parts of the world.


How the fuck does someone greenlight terrorism like that and stay in Office, even in Australia.


How many atrocities have the Muslim ‘fanatics’ in NZ perpetrated so far?


Google ‘John Howard’ and ‘children overboard’. There are no depths to which some people won’t hesitate to stoop to. Howard was the PM at the time.


A cursory Google search shows this isn’t a one off, this cunt spouts a steady stream of similarly idiotic nonsense.


All it highlights is how New Zealander’s must hate being associated with the no neck, red neck, rubber necked nobheads that pollute the land of Oz.


he says muslims are killing people on an industrial scale , the guy is bonkers . there are extremists in every field . Breivik was a far right nutter who killed 77 people , gun crazy guys in the USA kill many

He says the real cause of the bloodshed is the immigration of muslims into new zealand , they started going there in 1850 and as wikipeadia says

The community is noted for its harmonious relations with the wider New Zealand community, with various interfaith efforts from all sides contributing to this situation. FIANZ established the Harmony Awards as part of Islam Awareness Week in 2008 to recognise the contributions of New Zealanders to improving understanding and relationships between Muslims and the wider community.


I hate being associated with pompous overblown, generalised bullshit, yet here I sit.


Perhaps I wasn’t clear but I was referring to Annings statement “ what it highlights is the growing fear within our community, both in Australia and New Zealand, of the increasing Muslim presence.” Why the fuck does he feel justified in commenting on how The people of New Zealand feel about anything.
I know that some Australians are very nice people. I’ve been living with one for 35 years.


There are a sufficiency of morons in Oz that lap up that sort of bullshit. Usually the electoral system will return one or two of them to the Upper House, typically to represent Queensland, but there have been a couple of unpleasant idiots from NSW. This chancer is particularly disgusting.


To the best of my knowledge, none.The agencies keep a very close watch on the few “fanatics” that are known to them.



Obviously he’s been drinking from the Trump cunt cup.
It’s difficult to compose a meaningful response as I get flooding of thought reading his bile.
Perhaps, shark bait is sufficient.


what a knob head (me)…turn up to the hotel, and discovered I actually hadn’t booked it. Louise not best pleased…the power of the internet solves all though.


No revolving water bed and mirrored ceilings for you then :grin:


God bless, it happens


Didn’t @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi say he had a mate in the area ?

Not so much a water bed as a water house.