Pizza faff with hypocrisy topping

For the people buying UUNIs I have tried these pellets with success:

About half the price of the official ones.


If you use the recipe John posted the dough will take 6/8 hours to prove and be good for 24-30 hours. Once proved and shaped into a ball you can wrap in film and freeze. Just get them out when you fancy a pizza. The ball will defrost in about an hour at room temp and be ready to use straight away. The dough will retain its stretchable quality.
Rolling pins are an absolute no no with pizza. FFS call yourselves faff connoisseurs.


Ooni gas oven (Koda). Yes or no? I’m tempted.

I’m probably just going to order the gas burner for my one.

OK - I’m going to ask the dumbest fucking question…OOni or UUni? Is there any fecking difference?

Yeah, the name of the fucking company.

They rebranded from Uuni to Ooni. Apparently, as the brand became more global, they decided on a fonetic(!) spelling.

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Are you asking me to go without? If I end up empty handed someone is definitely getting one heavy, ticking bag. :grin:

I shall have a count up when I get home. :+1:

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Ahah! The Olay / Ulay thing but with fire :+1:

No, I think you did originally put yourself down for some but I don’t know how many bags went with you.

Don’t tell him Pike.


Not bad for a first attempt.

Need practice in controlling the fuel/heat.


Make it hotter , you need more tool

Edds jam pot take heed

It was just over 300c when I put it in, but the fuel was low.

Needs double that!!

Or somewhere near


I think Edd was running his at about 500c.

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That would explain it. It was still nice though.

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Once its up to temp pop the pizza in, when I take it out I use a knife to poke the pellets and make sure they aren’t stuck.

By the time I come back with another pizza from the kitchen its usually recovered temp wise and stopped smoking from the fresh fuel.

I don’t think there is much heat control, in theory the flap at the back in the hopper does that, but I just run it as hot as possible :smiley:


Need a bit more imagination with the basil to get more than a B :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks Edd, I really meant keeping the temperature up rather than controlling it.