Roon redux

Don’t quote me on it but I think that there are going to be some lifetime offers bundled with the Nucleus to encourage use of that. They’re also busy with some further updates- as the technical support for a development partner, there’s been a lot of alterations to Roon ready stuff under the bonnet recently.

This is exactly the point. Roon are very upfront about this. They also could have made a short term killing by pre-announcing the price rise but didn’t. The cost of an annual licence did not change, so people who prefer the annual subs are unaffected.

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Looking to forward to trying the internet radio. Hope they have podcasts / catch up

Doesn’t look like it, well not that I can find at the moment.

Roon have never paid much attention to people asking for podcasts or on demand stuff though, I don’t think they work with their database as it only recognises music files and metadata.

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Disappointing. In all these years the old squeezebox is still the best all rounder for radio etc

Can / does Roon handled tagging and organisation of files?

I’m a compulsive tagger and organiser.

With MediaMonkey I just tell it to rescan my downloads directory and it moves whatever files are there to my NAS with a particular naming convention

can / does Roon do this? Or is it more presentation layer?

Basically MediaMonkey is showing its age a bit and I’d like to try something new.

Teh interwebz suggests this

but I’d never heard of it until today so I’m a bit leery of it.

Have only done it myself once but you can edit the tags in Roon, not sure what you can do beyond that though. The roon forum is pretty good for guides etc.

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You can do all of that in Roon. I use MP3tag as I am comfortable with it.

I fucking love Mp3tag. The actions, quick actions and stuff are just great.

So I’ve been Rooning all weekend.

The ROCK / NUC thing was initially a bit of a pain as my TV (monitor substitute) kept switching to a different channel at a crucial point in the boot sequence - cue Daley Thompson’s Decathlon style whacking of F2.

And the instructions for changing the boot order to include a USB stick are out of date.

Anyhow, I got there.

Now I’m using it in anger I’m not totally convinced. The additional metadata thing comes across as a bit of a red herring, really just fluff from a generic third party.

I’m more of a browser than a searcher and consequently quite a bit of my stuff is tagged with this in mind e.g. a generic album artist of “DJ-Kicks”. Roon doesn’t seem to take a whole heap of notice of tags, and some albums are downright difficult to find.

But yes, it’s a streamer that will show me all the geeky stuff like bit rates, it appears to know about a lot of hardware, which is good, and it runs on a tiny headless box in my living room.

There no real conclusion (or even point), I’m just thinking out loud. As far as I’m concerned the jury is still out.

Oh, the streaming radio experience is definitely more reliable than Sonos.

I’ve gone back to a SB Touch and LMS running on a raspberry Pi and it really is a great bit of kit.

The radio paradise app is bomb proof, the flac stream would frequently disconnect on Roon but on the SBT it has stayed up for a day at a time.

Just get an Auralic.:ok_hand:

I bought a Roon nucleus a year ago and it hasn’t missed a beat. It is a good solution for non IT types like me.

Are they the ones that are tied to Apple?

Not having a go, but I’m all Android.

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Have you been a nursey’s trolley of magic beans again?

Back in your box!

(and hoping for a successful release tomorrow :+1:)

Can you cast to Roon? So just get it to play whatever is on your phone?

I don’t think so, no.

Hmm. I have botched a solution on LMS whereby I cast to a Chromecast, which then plays through the line in on the pi server. I’d like something more elegant, but it’s not easy to find.

The thing I’m finding most useful is the Roon Radio feature - basically it looks at what you’ve played most recently and then plays tracks from other similar artists you might like. I’ve found it a really good antidote to getting stuck in a rut with the same few artists and albums. It means I get much better use out of my Qobuz subscription.

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